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Part Nine: Testing

March 12, 2009

In order to determine whether I’ve gained anything real from this project or not, I decided to do a little scientific experiment.  I monitored the temperature of the water in the teapot as it went from freshly steeped to barely drinkable lukewarm.  Since it’s not actually the water in the pot itself but the water after it has been poured into a cup that matters, that is what I measured.  The first one is after five minutes of steeping, and then again at 15 minute intervals until it was too cold to drink (and I ran out of water – it is a tiny tea pot, after all).  Here is the graph of my results:

Tea Temperature Graph

The red line is from the pot with the cozy, and the blue line is from the pot without the cozy.  The shaded area in the middle is the range that I have deemed ‘drinkable’ temperature.

As you can see, adding the cozy to the tea pot has extended the drinkable time after initial steeping to a full 110 minutes, 60 minutes longer than without the cozy.

And now, I’m off to drink some tea!