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May 6, 2009

The woad has grown massively since I last wrote about it, and I transplanted it into the garden on the weekend.  Due to a late sprout, there are now seven plants, although one of them is a bit sickly.  I was originally going to dig a new section next to the vegetable garden in the back yard to plant it in, but ended up putting it in the front, because there was space and nothing else to put there.  Despite being the same plant, they are each quite different and seem to have their own personalities, so I have given them names.  So without any further ado, allow me to introduce Norman, Claire, Jingles, Bobo, Stan, Frank, and Junior.



Norman hasn’t quite fully recovered from the transplanting yet.  He’s sensitive, has shapely leaves, and is, as you can see, a bit off-kilter.



Claire is very pretty.  She has lovely shiny, paler green leaves, and is waving at Bobo, her favourite little brother.



Jingles is suffering a bit from the attentions of an infatuated beetle, and may soon lose a leaf.  However, he is staying strong, shooting up more to replace it as fast as he can.



Bobo is a bit lopsided.  That one leaf on his left grew too small, and now the next one coming in will be too big in compensation.  Oh well, he’s trying.



Stan is the biggest.  He amuses the others by talking to them in a fake English accent and singing “Suzanne Is A Funnicle Man” at the top of his lungs.



Frank is the beautiful baby boy, the surprise late germination.  Despite his late start, he is shaping up to be the nicest of them all.



Junior is undoubtedly the runt of this litter.  He’s not dead, but hasn’t grown at all in almost a month.  I’ve put him next to the rose that has recently come back to life in hopes that it will inspire him not to give up.

Now you know my little family.  They’re all set up to grow and grow and eventually evolve into pretty blue dye!

Mission: Germination

March 27, 2009

Ok, I’m glad that I took my friend’s worry that the woad seeds might not be good seriously and planted lots of them.  Only eight of the thirty or so that I planted have sprouted, but that’s still more than I need.

Woad Sprouts

I just love new seedlings!  They’re so cute, and green.  These ones have a very pale purple stem, with very sturdy-looking leaves.  They haven’t grown much since they first sprouted, but like any good weed they’re establishing a solid root base.  I figure they should be just about ready to transplant in another two weeks or so.  Which is perfect, because I’ll be done my classes by then and will have plenty of time to dig up a new section of garden.