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Blueberry Soda Pop

May 26, 2009

Or fizzy pop, as my boyfriend has taken to calling it.  I usually refer to soft drinks as ‘pop’ but this stuff is something more than your average pop, and, being home made, isn’t excessively fizzy, so I’m sticking with soda pop.  What, exactly, am I talking about?  My new hobby!  I came across this recipe while wasting time on the interwebs one evening about a month ago, and thought “Hey, neat!  Sounds like fun!  I’ll try it!” except probably less articulately than that, as it was rather late at night.

Skip over the cheesy introduction about how healthful it is (it’s all true, but she spins the hippy health nut angle a bit too far for me!) and go straight to the recipe.  Takes about a week and a half.  And it’s fun!  It’s like magic.

There are a few things I’d like to add that she didn’t mention, however:

1:  Be sure to sterilize your equipment!  She only mentions this once, in passing, and it is rather important, if you don’t want to end up with a mouldy mess.   So – boiling water and/or bleach for all you bottles, pots and funnels.

2:  When bottling, fill them up all the way.  Leave about an inch of air at the top.  This didn’t even occur to me until my boyfriend pointed it out, but exttra air space means extra room for the gas produced in the fermenting process to build up lots of pressure.  Seriously increasing the potential of exploding your bottles.

3:  You might want to serve it to somebody else at first.  You’ve gone through the whole process mucking around with ginger and berries and filtering out the icky goo, and (at least for me) somewhere in the back of your head you’re thinking “But it’s week-old berries!  I saw the goo!  It was icky!”  So it’s ok if you don’t like it at first.  By the end of the batch, it has quite grown on me.

4:  If you’re under 19 (or 18, or 21, or whatever) don’t read this.  It’s also tasty with gin.

Blueberry Soda Pop

So there you are.  my new hobby.  I’ve got a second batch on the go already.

But wait – what does this have to do with fibre arts, you ask?  Well, look at that pretty colour!  Isn’t it pretty?  Not only that, but the cloth used to strain the berries turned a lovely shade of purple to match.  Too bad berry colours don’t really stay that way . . .  Also, I figure it’s good practise for when the woad is ready to harvest and I try out a fermentation vat.