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Alpaca Farm Tour

September 27, 2009

Today we went alpaca hunting.

And found some!


Thanks to Alpaca Canada’s Alpaca Farm Days, we took a road trip out to Aldergrove to visit the lovely alpacas at Sterling Farms.  They breed maily Suri alpacas (the dreadlock ones), which are even rarer than Huacaya alpacas (the fuzzy ones).  We had a fantastic time, there was nobody else there when we arrived so we got all kinds of one-on-one attention from Marilyn, the owner.  She was very nice, answered all of our questions, and absolutely made me want to have alpacas of my own.  ‘Cause, you know, I needed the encouragement.

The herd was sheared in August, so I didn’t get the full effect of a covered-in-hair-alpaca.  I’m afraid they look a bit silly freshly shaved.


That said, the cuteness of the babies (baby alpacas are called cria)  totally makes up for it.




Aren’t they adorable?

On top of the piles of alpacas, she also showed us their cashmere goats.  These two young ones looked soooo soft, like fluffy little puppies.



I think maybe this one wanted to come home with me.  I could pass her off as a dog, right?

Sadly, I had to settle for some fibre that wasn’t attached to an animal.  Boo.  Oh, well back to the real world now – homework, homework, homework.  Which, since I’m in art school, consists mainly of drawing and spinning, which I would probably be doing anyways.  So I guess I can’t complain!

But first, one more gratuitous nursing shot: