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January 28, 2010

I figured it was about time I started adding links to some of my favourite fibre blogs . . .  so now on the right you’ll notice a short list.  I’ll try to keep it up-to-date as I find more, and add some for suppliers of awesome stuff, too.

The End.

Ha, not quite.  Did I fool you?

Here’s a picture of the Romney I spun a while back, along with a bit of the original fibre.

Isn’t it gorgeous?  That’s a quarter for scale, by the way, I just realized I put it queen-side-up so it could be anything as far as you know.  I can’t wait to spin up the rest of this stuff, and try out the Lincoln too.  Maybe over the ridiculously long spring break we’re getting because of the Olympics.

In the meantime, this is what I’m spinning:

It’s alpaca, specially imported from the highlands of Ontario.  I’m going to try using it for my next backstrap project, once the llamas are finished.  So far I’m pretty impressed how strong even just the single is for such a fine thread, though I’ve snapped it a couple of times from overspinning (it needs to be spun much more tightly for weaving than knitting).

Okay, now it’s the end, I need to go to bed!

Weaving with Help

January 27, 2010

This here would be project #3 on the backstrap loom – project #1 was the tiny green strap I showed before, #2 was an actual backstrap (that’s kind of ugly, so I’m not showing it) and this is theoretically a bookmark.  Mostly just trying to remember double weave, and figuring out how it works on one of these.

You may also, should you choose to, admire the lovely shed stick/beater/sword that I made last week.

My other helper is being much less helpful.  He’s up top:

Here’s a detail shot of the weaving, but don’t look at the bottom llama’s back leg, it’s broken.  I didn’t take a picture of it, but on the back is the same image, in reversed colours.  That’s why double weave is nifty!

The pattern came from the backstrap weaving blog, like all the rest of my instructions.

And for any of you who think that you don’t have space in your house for a loom . . .

. . . this is what it packs up into.  That’s it, the whole thing.  Tied onto my couch/bed.  Cat not included.  Unroll and use, roll back up, tuck in the ends, and store.  Nomad tools are awesome for apartment dwellers!

Backstrap Weaving

January 7, 2010

I’ve been wanting to try backstrap weaving pretty much since I first heard about it.  And yesterday, inspired by this lovely lady’s blog and guided by her article on WeaveZine, I finally did it!

This is my uber-basic loom, made from three dowels, a pillow case, and a bunch of string.  Oh, and a little plastic ruler.  Total actual money output:  $10 for the dowels.  Could have been only $5, but I wanted them to be a bit longer than the 16″ I’d have gotten if I only bought one.

Though I guess that will change tomorrow when I go shopping for yarn to make my first real project – a proper back strap.

I had a bit of trouble controlling the tension at first, but I think I’ve got it mostly figured out now.

Not bad, eh?  It took about two hours, from warping to setting up the loom to weaving about a foot.  Then I realized it was past my bedtime, so I had to stop.

The other cool thing is it fits right in with my sculpture class this semester, which is on “re-skilling” and walking the line between art and craft (basically my life, art-wise), which means that I can get academic credit for something I’d be doing anyways!