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July 31, 2011

No, no, this isn’t turning into a food blog, don’t worry.  But it just happens to be blueberry season, and there are so many blueberry farms around here we’re having a festival.  And because fibre and blueberries are legendary companions, the Surrey Museum is taking the opportunity to host a fibre event (a Pic-Knit!)at the same time.  Which (here’s the real point coming up) I am going to have a table at.  So if you’re in the neighbourhood, drop by and say hello!  If not, wish me luck – it’ll be my first time pretending to be a professional amongst other professionals with an audience who mostly knows what they’re doing … ack!  Fortunately I’ll be bringing along one or two of my sister’s gorgeous shawls, I can always hide under them until the people go away.