Tendinitis, or Fibre Arts and Martial Arts Don’t Mix

Did I ever mention that I’m kind of the boss of a martial arts school?  Or, to be more accurate, I’m the boss of a few people who are working like heck to get one going.  This is us. Anyways, we started running weekly classes in March, which turned into a weekly class and a weekly private lesson, which turned into a small group lesson, and now we’ve started doing regular instructor training days so I’m up to three days a week, two or three hours at a time.  Did I mention that it’s swords?  And wrestling?  And punching?  Not exactly nice on the wrists.  All of that, combined with the fact that in May I started to spin for my life (well, living anyways) means that by the end of June my wrists were hurting, particularly the right one.  Yes, I stopped and stretched regularly, but going from occasional light work to many hours of hard labour all at once was too much.

I had a break in July when I went to visit my parents in Newfoundland, but it didn’t get better.  I couldn’t do pushups, or use my right hand to push myself up out of bed.  But I kept hoping that it would get better by itself, and I kept using it.  Yeah, it didn’t get better.  So when I woke up extra sore on Tuesday after a couple of hours of sparring on Monday I finally accepted that it really was tendinitis, and it wasn’t going away by itself.

Now I’m going around with a tensor bandage on, icing it before and after workouts, lots of massage, and mostly just trying not to use it for much of anything.  No spinning, no knitting, no punching, no pushups.  And after a couple of weeks I’ll start to slowly build it back up to full strength.  And then, because I don’t want this to happen again, and certainly not to any of our students, we’re starting a gymnastics wrist conditioning program.  Actually they started it on Tuesday.  I sat it out.

But I’ll let you know when I can do this.

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