Hmmm . . .

I’m just about ready to Give Up looking for a summer job.  I’ve sent out tons of resumes, had one interview and they were supposed to call me yesterday (they didn’t).  So  there’s only one thing to do – try and sell stuff on the Interwebz!  And write.  I’m going to start writing magazine articles and submitting them everywhere I can think of.  Enough random people have complimented my writing that I’ve finally been convinced that it might be a good idea to try and get published.  Hopefully one of those will kick in before my savings run out, and give me a little extra over my student loan come September.

So stay tuned!  I’ve been spinning up a storm, I’ll have knitting/crochet/weaving yarn plus my handspun and naturally dyed embroidery thread.

Oh!  And I almost forgot – I was in my local fibre store trying out a new spindle, and they offered me a teaching gig!  Not ’til September, so I have time to practice on a friend or two.

In the meantime, here’s Nova trying to weave (again).

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