My new favourite blog

Ok, first off I refuse to apologize for lack of posting.  Yes, I know it’s been over a month.  But I’m a student.  Which means that a) I write a lot, other places and b) I have very little time for frivolous pursuits like taking pictures of the things I’m making.  They’ll come, I promise.  Eventually.

Anyways, as a third-year student with a significant background in textile practices who is constantly frustrated at the well-meant but ignorant use of textile metaphors in the academic/art world (well, and the world in general) . . . I have a new favourite blog.  Material Metaphors is written by a writing professor on sabbatical, and she is learning how to weave in order to better understand such metaphors.  I think it’s fascinating to follow the progress of a person coming from the opposite direction, approaching the textile production while intentionally keeping the metaphors in mind and exploring them as she goes.

And I must confess I find it intensely gratifying to see such a person gain so much appreciation for the crafts which I so often end up defending as valid practices.

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