Weaving with Help

This here would be project #3 on the backstrap loom – project #1 was the tiny green strap I showed before, #2 was an actual backstrap (that’s kind of ugly, so I’m not showing it) and this is theoretically a bookmark.  Mostly just trying to remember double weave, and figuring out how it works on one of these.

You may also, should you choose to, admire the lovely shed stick/beater/sword that I made last week.

My other helper is being much less helpful.  He’s up top:

Here’s a detail shot of the weaving, but don’t look at the bottom llama’s back leg, it’s broken.  I didn’t take a picture of it, but on the back is the same image, in reversed colours.  That’s why double weave is nifty!

The pattern came from the backstrap weaving blog, like all the rest of my instructions.

And for any of you who think that you don’t have space in your house for a loom . . .

. . . this is what it packs up into.  That’s it, the whole thing.  Tied onto my couch/bed.  Cat not included.  Unroll and use, roll back up, tuck in the ends, and store.  Nomad tools are awesome for apartment dwellers!

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3 Responses to “Weaving with Help”

  1. lavernewaddington Says:

    You have done a beautiful job! and I love the sword you made too. Your tie up place is so similar to mine and I also have my feline helper!


  2. Backstrap Weaving-A tutorial and some terrific tiny projects. « Backstrap Weaving Says:

    […] Courtney tied up her loom to a sofa bed to weave her llama band. You can read more about this project and her furry helper on her blog. […]

  3. Cookie Says:

    I’m liking what I see other people are doing.

    Hrist, I like the way to wrap up your whole back strap and able to store it one place. Are you going to weave a bag to carry it in? It makes me hardly wait to get home and start preparing more yarns so I can continue back strap weaving from looking at other’s projects.


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