Wet Sheep

It always amazes me that some wool can still smell so much like sheep when it gets wet, even if it has clearly been through several commercial processes – hardcore washing, dyeing, washing again, carding, combing.  And it’s always a surprise, because you just can’t know when you throw a batch of freshly-spun wool in the sink to soak if it’s going to smell or not.  I suppose some people might find it distasteful, but I love it.  It reminds me where the fibre that I spend so much of my life working with came from, and takes me out of my urban basement suite and off into the green pastures, if only for a moment.

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One Response to “Wet Sheep”

  1. Malie Says:

    I love that when I work with fibre and it smells like farm … my cats keep snarffing my fleece tho, and wanting to sleep on it! Most annoying when the cats smell like sheep 😀

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