Wheeee I like spinning!

Friday afternoon I made DBF drive me out to the not-so-local fibre shop for weaving supplies, since none of the local ones have anything.  She also had just gotten in a shipment of raw fleece, so of course some had to come home with me.  Not much, a pound of grey Romney and a pound of Lincoln Longwool.  I washed them last night and I’m totally impressed – practically no VM, no second cuts, very little dirt.  It’s taking forever to dry, so today I took the hairdryer to a small handful of the Romney and carded it up into proper rolags (a first for me) and spun it all at once.  It was gorgeous.  Kind of like spinning butter because of the lanolin that didn’t wash out, but mostly like spinning nicely carded wool.  Finally got down the long draw thing.  The only problem is I was having too much fun to stop and take pictures, so you’ll have to imagine it.

And do a happyspinningdance with me!

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4 Responses to “Wheeee I like spinning!”

  1. Colleen (Mary Ostler) Says:

    What fibre store do you go to? Birkelands or penelope… other?

    I like reading your blog.

  2. maryostler Says:

    No I have not made it out there. I have just recently got interested in weaving, and I was wondering where you shopped.

    • Hrist Says:

      Ah, I see. Yeah, Birkeland Brothers is great for fibre, and they have some tools, but very few yarns suitable for weaving. So Penelope it is. Unless you’re in the mood for silk, in which case go to the Silk Weaving Studio on Granville Island.

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