New Project

I love my dyeing teacher.  Since I’ve already taken the second year version of her class (and therefore already know how to use all the dyes she teaches), for the third year version the two of us basically just sat down and invented one big project that will be most of my grade.  Want to know what we came up with?

I’m going to make a colour reference book with natural dyes, procion mx (for cellulose fibres) and acid dyes (for protein fibres).  There are lots of reasons I can think of that somebody might want to use chemical dyes instead of natural dyes (they were invented for a reason, after all!) but still stick to the natural dye spectrum.  So I’m doing natural dye samples with a natural linen, a bleached linen, a wool and a silk fabric, and then colour match with the chemical dye of choice, and put it all together in one big book.  And, of course, post it on the blog.  I want people to use it!


Volume I (’cause I’ll probably do more) will consist of twelve colours, spread between most of the colour wheel:

  1. Dark Pink/Red:  Cochineal
  2. Pink:  Cochineal (exhaust)
  3. Red:  Madder
  4. Orange:  Madder Pale (exhaust + citric acid)
  5. Yellow:  Weld
  6. Olive Green:  Osage + iron
  7. Dark Blue:  Indigo (many dips)
  8. Light Blue:  Indigo (few dips)
  9. Dark Purple:  Logwood
  10. Light Purple/Grey:  Logwood pale (exhaust)
  11. Light Brown:  Cutch
  12. Dark Brown:  Cutch + iron

I’m mordanting the wool and the silk as I type (gotta love dyeing for multitasking!) and hopefully will dye the first couple of colours this weekend.

Here’s the chopped up pieces:


Top down is wool, silk, natural linen, bleached linen.

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