Textiles in the Garden

Last year in my sculpture class, I made some CD spindles, did some research on various kinds of lace making, and made a bunch of lace ‘webs’ and hung the spindles from them like spiders.  It kind of worked, but the setting was wrong, my pins didn’t stick in the weird walls so I had to use tape, which was ugly, you couldn’t really see the yarn, and most of my class thought it had something to do with music.

But it stuck a bug in my head that large-scale lace making can be fun.  So for experiment #2, I decided to play in my garden.  We planted some sugar snap peas a while ago and hadn’t gotten around to putting up a support for them, and they started to try to climb up the nearby dandelions, each other, and themselves.  Something had to be done!

I got some bamboo chopsticks from the dollar store, carved notches in them to hold the string, and stuck them in the ground next to my toppled-over peas.  I stuck some thumb tacks into the fence above each stake, and proceeded to weave my Pea Support Net of Awesomeness.  Or something.  Up and down, then back and forth, then up and down again.  Here it is:


Functional, maybe not exactly pretty, but I think I can call the experiment a success and if the cotton string holds up all summer, then next year I’ll try something a bit more elaborate!


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