Part Six: Designing

This is it!  Decision time.  The teapot itself is too pretty to cover it up the whole time, so I’m going to go for the more traditional hat-like tea cozy rather than a shaped one that will button on and never get taken off.  It needs to be a bit oval to make room for the handle and spout, so I’m going to basically use a plain hat pattern and play with the shaping a bit.  I am terrible at predicting how long any given decrease section will be ( I constantly have to re-do the toes of my socks, they are always too short) so to make sure it doesn’t end up too big or small I think I’ll do it from the top down.  Hopefully this will also prevent me from running out of yarn eight stitches before the end.

Observant people may have noticed in the “after” swatch picture that some of the dye washed out in a bit of a blotchy shape.  I was grumpy about that, but when my darling boyfriend saw it before I could say anything, he said “Cool!  How did you do that?” so I guess it’s okay!  I’ll have to wait and see how it works on the real thing, maybe use some nicer soap.  If I really hate it, I can always overdye it.  Really observant people may have even noticed that my yarn is not, in fact, single ply any more.  Yeah, I made it three ply after all – it wasn’t thick enough.

My original swatch was 4″x4″, and shrank to 3.5″x3.5″ (didn’t shrink much, did it? Only 12%).  I want my finished cozy to be 20″ around and 7″ tall.  So my re-felted piece needs to be 23″ around and 8″ tall.  At 3.5 stitches per inch, that means it needs to be 80 stitches around after all the initial increases.

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3 Responses to “Part Six: Designing”

  1. Malie Says:

    If you felted it again would it not shrink more? Not sure if you want something with stitch definition or not, but I know I had to refelt my slippers about 6 times 🙂

    I’m sure you know this, I was just curious as to the design decision 🙂

  2. Hrist Says:

    It probably would. But I don’t want to lose more of the dye either . . . I think I might felt the final piece by hand, I’ll have more control that way, and can use hotter water. I think it might not be felting so well because the fibres are so long and smooth compared to some wools.

  3. Malie Says:

    Ah, that would make sense! Can’t wait to see it, I have a deep and abiding love of tea cozies 🙂

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