Part Five: Swatch

At last, it’s time to make some real decisions about what this thing is going to look like!  But first things first:  a swatch.  I confess I’m usually pretty lazy about swatches.  I do about a 2″ square (about a quarter the size of what’s generally recommended), do a quick measure, unravel it, and cast on.  This time though, since I’m planning to felt the final product, I’m going to have to do a proper swatch.  Sigh.

Step One: Knit a square approximately 4×4″.  Measure it (and don’t forget to write down the measurements!).

Swatch Before

Swatch Before

Step Two: Put it through the laundry.  With other stuff, for two reasons:  because they will provide extra friction for felting purposes, and because it would be silly to waste all that water on one little swatch.

Swatch After

Swatch After

Step Three: Measure again.  Compare with size of original and prepare to do some designing math!

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